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Our air-cooled after coolers have an aluminium block cooling element, a pneumatically driven fan, shielded by a protector for user safety.

Moisture has plagued the abrasive air blasting industry from the beginning. Moisture in compressed air systems contaminates both controls and abrasive, causing the abrasive to bridge and not flow properly. The compressed air discharged by an air compressor contains a considerable quantity of water in the form of vapour. If this is not removed, much of it will condense in the distribution system and cause expensive damage to all the equipment and processes which use the air.

Our Aftercoolers and air dryers will increase production, reduce downtime and maintenance cost by providing cooler, cleaner and dryer compressed air.


  • A high efficiency axial fan forces ambient air over a heat exchanger made up of copper tubes and supported by aluminium cooling fins, providing the necessary cooling effect.
  • The compressed air flows through the tubes of the heat exchanger in counter-flow to the ambient air stream blown across the fins by the fan. The compressed air is cooled down to approximately 10°C above ambient temperature. This cooling effect condenses a high percentage of the water vapour into liquid with is separated from the air stream by the centrifugal separator installed at the aftercooler outlet.
  • The fan forces cooling air between the fins. High cooling efficiency is combined with low energy consumption. The after coolers are mounted on a sturdy frame with a water separator, supplied as standard throughout our range of coolers.

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