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Case Studies


'Rapid response brings long-term relationship'

Airtechnique came to the rescue when chemicals manufacturer Nippon Goshei shut down its on-site compressors during an annual maintenance programme. Every year the company shuts down its factory at Saltend to carry out any repairs needed on the instrumentation. On this occasion the compressors were also run down for an insurance inspection a problem because the compressors are essential during the plant shut-down to ensure air safety valves maintain pressure in the containment of liquid nitrogen.

Malcolm McNiven, senior management engineer for Nippon Goshei, explained:

"We needed spare compressors with air/oil separation units at very short notice. Airtechnique reacted immediately, distance was no object to them and they delivered the compressed air dryers and carried out a routine test in very short order."
"We were able to provide the Saltend facility with desiccant dryers and an aftercooler that same day."

Said Airtechnique hire manager Geoff Dutton.

"Nippon Goshei's management were so impressed with our swift response and with the quality of our equipment and service that a strong relationship was forged during the hire period."
"Nippon Goshei will now engage Airtechnique every time we have a major shut-down."

Confirmed Malcolm McNiven.

"We enjoyed working with their friendly and professional team they are a very good company to employ."


'Exemplary' service for offshore client'

Leeds-based William G Search Ltd has been in the compressed air business for almost 50 years, so knew who to call when it needed a drying pack and aftercooler for a North Sea oil rig. The company called Airtechnique.

David Housman , group service manager at William G Search, said:

"In a very competitive market where we both sell and maintain compressed air equipment, we aim to work with clients to provide the best service. So, when an offshore client needed a 600cfm desiccant air dryer as a temporary measure prior to a new one being installed, we had no hesitation in contacting Airtechnique."
"The service and back-up provided by their team was exemplary. The unit was fully overhauled before being supplied and performed faultlessly until the hire was completed. We would have no hesitation in dealing with them again."

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